Monday, February 8, 2010

Total Defense Day

I think that in this stage of my life I can contribute to Social Defense and Psychological Defense.

I can contribute to Social Defense by looking out for my family and friends, to make sure their safe. This is important for everyone as, if anyone starts to panic if anything happened to his or her family or friends the people around him or her will definitely start to panic. This will eventually lead to crisis as nobody will have any ounce of bravery to protect his peers and family from anything.

I can contribute to Psychological Defense by being a patriotic citizen of Singapore. It is easier said than done. By being patriotic is about caring for the people of Singapore. Which means no rioting and no fights. We should also care for the environment by not littering and throwing away any litter you see. Participating in National events helps as well. This is basically how we are supposed to be patriotic.

If any wars break out we will need the manpower and weaponry to fight and defend our country.
Now as technology has improved the army is now using robotics to help them if there was any fight. While we learn about physics we can apply some of this knowledge here to improve the army's weapons.

The future generations would like to have more things to do in their free time. This means Singapore has to invent new ways to "entertain" the future generations. As the future generations are getting more IT savvy maybe Singapore can invent some thing more futuristic.
In this school we can come up with new ideas to improve Singapore.